You came to my information website because you may have experienced that the strategy of being invested in stocks for years (buy and hold) is meanwhile outdated and that fundamentals are not the only decisive factor for stock valuations. I have therefore developed a strategy that has proven itself even in volatile and "irrational" times and is not based on fundamental data that is increasingly losing importance due to the central banks, but rather on technical analysis and stochastics. In contrast to equity investments, my strategy also benefits from falling and even from barely changing prices. This allows significant returns to be achieved.
However, you should absolutely not believe the predicted returns in general, glossy brochures and expensive stock exchange information services can promise you all kinds of things, and they usually owe you proven performance in the end. Therefore, only pay attention to the facts. And exactly these can be viewed here at any time via the platform I use. Transparency is crucial here. Opt for transparency.
The positions in my wikifolio GERMAN30 AUTOSIGNAL TRADING aimed at rising or falling prices of the German leading index DAX are based on automatically generated buy and sell signals of an semi-automatic trading system especially created for this wikifolio. Factors such as alleged causalities on the news front and emotions that often lead to unfavorable decisions should be eliminated.
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Dear investors,
With more than 30 years of stock market experience in almost all asset classes and with a background in the financial area of aerospace technology, where risk management is of the utmost importance, I have concentrated on the creation of a semi-automatic trading system in recent years. This trading system is designed to automatically generate buy and sell signals that are geared towards either rising or falling prices in the German DAX leading index. The trading system only looks at past price movements. News of any kind, for example quarterly results from DAX companies, economic figures or interventions by the European Central Bank do not play a role in the signals generated. Psychological aspects such as herd instinct and emotions should be excluded in this way when buying and selling.
In response to the frequently asked question as to whether I could also trade for potential investors, while searching for a practicable approach, I came across the platform, which enables interested investors worldwide to benefit from my trading performance. For more detailed information about the platform, see INDEX CERTIFICATES, for more details on my trading strategy, see GERMAN30 AUTOSIGNAL TRADING.


INDEX CERTIFICATES in general is a social trading platform that allows traders to publish their trading strategies free of charge through a notional reference portfolio called a wikifolio. Potential investors have the opportunity to directly benefit from the know-how of those traders and can invest in the index certificates issued by Lang & Schwarz AG, which exactly mirrors those wikifolios. The minimum deposit is the purchase price of a single certificate in Euro. According to the index certificates are collateralized, which means that losses from a general issuer risk associated with certificate investments are largely hedged. You do not need to register at The platform is based in Austria and Germany, and is thus subject to the accordingly strict laws of these countries.


As simple as buying stocks you are able to buy my wikifolio index certificates directly through an excellent and free German online broker such as maxblue (belongs to Deutsche Bank) using the according ISIN (= International Securities Identification Number) and can be traded at the stock exchanges in Stuttgart (8:00am-8:00pm CET) or directly through Lang & Schwarz (7:30am-11:00pm CET). The current CET (Central European Time) is displayed at the bottom of the page. Both opening and using an account with maxblue is completely free of charge, gives you access to all stock exchanges in Germany and to numerous stock exchanges worldwide and the statutory deposit insurance of €100,000 of the German state applies. Opening an account is possible for clients from the EU and even from most countries outside the EU.

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and they walk you through the opening procedure.

As you start the video identification call I strongly advise you to get your passport or personal identification card at hand along with a proof of residence.


My private transactions are published by myself and the rest of my team on the page. There you can see the entire, actual, current and non manipulable net performance of my wikifolio GERMAN30 AUTOSIGNAL TRADING and among other things you can find many other key figures along with information on individual positions as well as my comments and of course the ISIN.
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As already mentioned, this trading system can automatically generate buy and sell signals that are geared to either rising or falling prices of the DAX index. The trading system only looks at past price actions. The system is optimized for leverage products, which means that the number and loss amount of loss trades should be reduced to an absolute minimum. The system uses sophisticated internal stop-loss management for this. The system is semi-automatic, since the signals are generated fully automatically, but the buy and sell orders must be carried out themselves. It is therefore possible to decide for yourself whether to execute buy and sell orders, for example, through CFDs, DAX-ETFs or with warrants. However, you can also use the system for a stock portfolio, but then you have to interpret the signals differently in some cases, there are clear guidelines for this and you are welcome to contact me regarding this subject. The system is also geared towards swing trading and not intraday trading, better known as "day trading". This is because the system takes advantage of weekly and monthly price changes of the DAX and not price changes within a trading day, especially since the minute or hourly price movements often do not indicate in which direction the index will move later in the day. In addition, you often miss the not inconsiderably large price movements that take place outside of regular trading hours, such as those that occur in Asia. The higher volatility of an insecure stock market can therefore be better exploited with this trading system. The holding period of the individual positions can range from a few days to several months. In principle, the positions should only be selected by technical analysis, using line charts and stochastics in particular. As already mentioned, news of any kind play no role in the generated signals. Psychological aspects such as herd instinct but also emotions should therefore be excluded when buying and selling. Typically, there are between five and ten trades annually, so the costs incurred by the spread as well as buying and selling costs should be kept as low as possible. In some cases there are time windows of several months between trades in which this semi-automatic trading system does not generate any signals and, depending on the market situation, one or more relatively low-risk inline-warrants with the DAX or a DAX stock as an underlying can be included in the portfolio in the meantime, such that in the meantime a small yield can still be achieved. Please note, however, that all information should not be understood as investment advice or a buy recommendation, since I am a professional trader and not a licensed investment advisor. On the platform you will also find some wikifolios that were closed a long time ago. These have only been used for testing purposes for a few months and therefore no investor has suffered losses.
You can see my semi-automatic trading system in the following screenshot, which is updated regularly and is also provided with the date and time. All signals and the text with the performance data are generated completely automatically. A green upward pointing triangle symbolizes a new LONG signal, a green or a yellow square is a SELL signal, so a LONG position is sold there. A gold-colored square indicates a particularly well-timed sell signal. Conversely, a red downward pointing triangle symbolizes a new SHORT signal and a red square a COVER signal, so a SHORT position is sold there. The performance of any pending trade and several past trades can be seen through the symbols in the chart and the text:

As already mentioned, a trading system should do well not only in times of calm or rising stock markets, but also in times of crisis, for example during the Corona crash in February / March 2020. My semi-automatic trading system performed extremely well here. Stock markets around the world fell into the abyss, including the DAX index. Many investors have suffered heavy losses. However, my trading system not only avoided losses, it even closed the crash profitably by producing a SHORT signal early on and then producing a COVER signal near the bottom, i.e. exiting the trade. After that, the world's stock markets rose again, as did the DAX index. Here, too, my system was able to take advantage of the increase to a large extent and achieve greater profits. These two trades alone have made it possible to double an investment, of course without leveraging. The mentioned entry and exit signals as well as the associated profits in DAX points and the returns can be seen on the following picture:

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to chat with me personally, I am at your disposal daily between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. CET (CET: see below). Outside mentioned hours and especially if you have detailed questions, please contact me via the contact form:



Good luck investing!
Stefan Hausen, professional trader

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